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Posted by sharilyn On December - 18 - 2010

I can’t believe it’s been over 3 months since I’ve posted here! It almost seems like there’s a little 15 month old keeping me occupied or something. :)

There have been two things that have been taking up the majority of our time lately: Ben (which is a given), and our new side business! When I say this side business has been taking up a lot of our time lately, I mean it’s been taking up a lot of Greg’s time lately. My main role is keeping Ben entertained while Greg works with the guys on getting this business up and running. I feel like my contribution is pretty valuable though, if I do say so myself.

I’d love for everyone to check it out! The company is called Fun Panda, and the website is We design bamboo iPad and iPhone cases. And if you don’t see a design that floats your boat, you can upload your own. Pretty cool, huh? A lot of moms have been uploading pictures of their children, but you can do anything you like. What better way to show off something that means a lot to you than to put it on your iPad or iPhone case? Anyway, check us out!

Back to the star of the show: Ben. I think I’ve mentioned before about how he was an early crawler, and he was an incredibly fast crawler at that. Because he crawled so early, we assumed that he would walk early. Um…no. He took his sweet time before he decided to start walking, and I think he did that because he was just so efficient at crawling that he didn’t really have a reason to switch things up. I think Greg was starting to worry that he’d be crawling across the stage to get his college diploma, but thankfully Ben decided to give in to peer pressure and start walking. He had a week or so where he was still getting used to it, but now he’s a little pro! I think he just likes to have things nearly mastered before he starts doing them full-time. My little perfectionist. :)

Ben’s hair is also getting insanely long. I’m afraid Greg will just take scissors to it himself one day after I leave the room for a minute. I admit that I’m having a hard time with the thought of Ben getting his hair cut. Why is that, I wonder? I know other moms have struggled with this, and I’m not really sure what it is about your baby getting his first hair cut that is so traumatizing for some moms, but I’ve officially joined that club. Plus, he has the most beautiful curls, and I just can’t imagine cutting them off! I know I’ll eventually have to do it, and I’m sure it’s coming sooner than later, but for now I’m going to continue hiding the scissors from Greg.

Also, he’s been unofficially named the mascot of Fun Panda, and in honor of his beautiful locks, his new nickname around these parts is Red Panda. Seem pretty fitting, right?

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