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Posted by sharilyn On May - 22 - 2010

4/13/2010 – The Day My Life Changed Forever.
Also known as the day Ben officially became a crawler. Naively, I thought that life would become easier when he began to crawl (even though everyone told me otherwise), because I figured that he would finally be able to get himself to the places he so desperately wanted to go. I don’t know why I thought this; I’ll just consider it a rookie mom mistake. Now I look back on my days before Ben started crawling with such fondness. I could put him down on his play mat in the living room and run to the kitchen for something, and he would be in relatively the same spot when I got back two minutes later.

Now? I can’t have him out of my sight for one minute or else I find him about to:

  • do a face plant on the fireplace hearth
  • chew on a flip flop
  • grab at Max’s dog food

Max always seems very appreciative of me sticking up for him and removing this sudden and constant threat to his food. And for the record, Ben has yet to actually put any dog food in his mouth, but I’m willing to bet it’ll happen within the month.

Which is precisely why Greg and I are trying our best to treat Ben like a second child. I know all parents try to shield their children from germs and dirt and whatnot, but let’s be honest. The first child gets treated like he is the Golden Child and nothing impure can ever cross his lips, while the second child is lucky to get a finger swipe to clear something gross out of the mouth that has already entered. And all children turn out relatively healthy and happy. So why sweat it?

Here is a brief moment where Ben was not in movement. I had to capture it with my camera because it’s such a rare sight.

Another thing Ben has learned over the past month is how to pull himself up to standing. He likes to do it on just about anything he can get his hands on. Favorites are:

  • the fireplace hearth
  • the couch
  • his exersaucer
  • our entertainment center
  • his crib

When he learned how to pull himself up in his crib, naps became a thing of the past, as far as he was concerned. So we had to lay down the law with him, which is something I am not fond of doing. Luckily, he came around rather quickly and is back to his usual-good-sleeping self (thank goodness!). And now I’m greeted nearly every morning with this precious site:

I love my life.

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  1. Stacy says:

    Soooo cute!!! I love it… just wait till he starts walking though! LOL!!!

  2. We have pictures of Andrew standing in his crib just like that… I used to love seeing that sweet smile every morning & afternoon after nap!!

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