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Posted by sharilyn On June - 10 - 2012

So today we went to the zoo! Greg and I didn’t see our little guy for about 30 hours since it was our anniversary weekend (no, I wasn’t counting or anything ;) ), so we were both wanting to do something fun with him today. And what’s more fun with a kid than going to the zoo!

So we loaded up the car with all our essentials, and we were off!

Here are my two favorite guys in the entire world, ready to conquer the zoo.

One of our first stops was to see the meerkats. Oh my, these things are cute. I could seriously watch them just walk around all day long!

Next up were the lions. You can’t really get a good grasp for how massive those paws are. One swipe and I’d be down for the count.

Next we swung by the gorillas. This guy was cracking me up. He’s chewing on a piece of grass and really looks like he’s pondering the meaning of life.

Next up? The elephants of course! Ben has been asking to see these again ever since our last zoo trip. He is loving these huge beasts right now. I’m partial to the baby one and cannot get past the amount of cuteness in that little baby.

It had been years since I’d seen the giraffes, so I put in a special request to see those long-necked beauties. It’s no wonder I hadn’t seen them in so long. Poor guys are away from all the action! They were on the complete opposite side of the zoo, but we managed to trek our way over there. The blazing heat and Oklahoma wind were no match for us. :)

More babies! There is just too much cuteness in this zoo right now.

We were there at the right time, so we got to feed these beautiful animals.

I love how Ben’s head is looking up as far as it possibly can. :)

This poor giraffe was really having to work for this little nibble of lettuce. Ben wanted to feed him, but as soon as that tongue came out, he started having second thoughts for some reason. ;)

Lettuce is touching the tongue. We’re making some progress!

Lettuce is in the mouth! Success!

Ben was pretty proud of himself at this moment, and was immediately asking to do it again. :)

Next time, buddy, I promise. Fairly certain we’ll be zoo regulars this summer!

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  1. Vickie says:

    This reminds me of the time that we took you and your brother to the Arbuckle Wilderness and before I knew it, a giraffe’s head was in the car, that long tongue trying to clean out the snack bucket that I was holding. I have never heard you, your brother, and your dad laugh so hard!

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