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Posted by sharilyn On April - 28 - 2012

For those of you who were concerned…yes, I am still alive. I know everyone was frantic with worry. You’d think after I just resurrected this blog three months ago that I wouldn’t be so quick to go MIA again, would you?

At least I was missing for just over a month this time instead of a year. Progress, right?

Hopefully soon I’ll get down the fine art of staying busy with my little man during the day and not being too tired in the evening to find my way back here to talk about our adventures.

We have been busy around here though! Well, Greg has been busy. I’ve been a stellar assistant to him, which I think counts for something, right?

In the past month, he’s built a work bench, which I just realized I don’t have a final picture of. This is it halfway built:

Here Greg and Ben are, working hard at staining it:

Greg built a picnic table for Ben:

Greg has power washed our fence:

I was AMAZED at how clean our fence looked after he power washed it. It’s crazy how dirty it was and I didn’t even notice until he started cleaning it.



Greg has been home with us this week on a much needed staycation, and we have had SO MUCH FUN. I’m in complete denial that he has to go back to work Monday morning. I knew we would have a great time with him home, but I didn’t realize just how much fun it would be.

The highlights of our week:

  • We finished up 90% of our front flower beds. This is huge news for us. Huge!
  • We bought a fountain. Oh yeah.
  • We went to the Arts Festival. Hello Indian Taco!
  • We went to Whole Foods for the first time (WOW on the prices, but man, that freshly ground peanut butter will keep me coming back on its own).
  • We made homemade sushi, and it was GOOD.
  • We saw The Hunger Games (on our fourth attempt. Worth the wait!).

Yes, I realize listing all of our highlights out isn’t the most fun way to hear about them. I guess I’m still trying to get this blogging thing down with making sure to take pictures along the way.

“Pictures, or it didn’t happen” will be my new motto. :)

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  1. Nicole Whipple (raineyday626) says:

    I love Staycations! You got a lot done on yours!

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