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Posted by sharilyn On April - 21 - 2015

I’ve lived in OKC my entire life. Thirty five years I’ve been in this city, and I’ve never once been inside the Crystal Bridge, downtown at the Myriad Gardens.

Not sure how this has happened, but I knew I needed to change that ASAP.

My awesome husband came up with the idea, so last weekend, we headed downtown. And we had so much fun!

Ben was SUPER excited about everything.

The inside was spectacular. Countless exotic plants, trees, and flowers.

The parrots were fun, even though they didn’t play along with us.

There was even a small area like you see at zoos where you can see frogs, snakes, etc. up close.

Once we were done inside, we headed back out and explored the other side of the Bridge.

I am so glad we went, and highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t been in awhile!

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