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For those of you who were concerned…yes, I am still alive. I know everyone was frantic with worry. You’d think after I just resurrected this blog three months ago that I wouldn’t be so quick to go MIA again, would you? At least I was missing for just over a month this time instead of a year. Progress, right? Hopefully soon I’ll get down the fine art of staying busy with my little man during the day and not being[...]

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After being MIA from my own blog for over a year, I figure I may as well jump right back in. I don’t have any particular reason for neglecting this thing, other than the cliched “life” that’s been happening around here. My little man is now almost 2 1/2. That’s two and a half. It’s no wonder I’ve been busy! But even though life is busy, I’m starting to really see the value in having this blog. I want to[...]

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We’ve been keeping pretty busy these last seven months. There has been lots of sleeping (not at first, but that came with time)… Lots of time with grandparents… There have been some OU games… And some tummy time… Lots of drooling… There have been some car rides… Some time with friends… Some good one-on-one time with Dad… And some good family time… There have been some new tastes… Some I liked… And some I didn’t… There has been lots of[...]