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So my little guy is 10 months old today! How on earth is that possible? I remember those early days with Ben, when there were lots of late nights, lots of crying (I may or may not have joined him crying some days), lots of feeling inadequate at this mom thing…you get the idea…and I remember everyone telling me how fast it would go by. I can’t even begin to count how often I was told to enjoy those late[...]

Posted by sharilyn 2 COMMENTS

I never pictured myself as being a mom who would wear my baby. Or make my own baby food. Or co-sleep for the first 4 months of my baby’s life. But one thing’s for certain after you have a baby: you learn things about yourself. I guess I never really pictured myself doing any of those things because I wasn’t really familiar with anyone else who had done them. And I’m not trying to say that doing any of those[...]