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Back-to-back recipes on the blog? Are you guys lucky or what? The answer is yes, yes you are. Because this is another Knock It Out Of The Ballpark recipe. Trust me. It is yet another Pinterest find. I promise I have some recipes on deck to share that I actually acquired from something/someone other than that time suck of a website we all know and love. But it’s just so easy to find new recipes on Pinterest. You all know what[...]

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Yum. These things are good! I was put in charge of dessert for our Father’s Day get together at my parents’ house today, so naturally I turned to my Pinterest boards to find something new and exciting to bring. Normally I like to make things at least one time before serving to people, but I had a feeling this chocolate chip pecan bars recipe would be a winner. They’re like pecan chocolate chip cookies, but in bar form. How can you[...]

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So today we went to the zoo! Greg and I didn’t see our little guy for about 30 hours since it was our anniversary weekend (no, I wasn’t counting or anything ), so we were both wanting to do something fun with him today. And what’s more fun with a kid than going to the zoo! So we loaded up the car with all our essentials, and we were off! Here are my two favorite guys in the entire world,[...]

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11 years. Greg and I have been married for 11 YEARS. That is a long time! Unless you’re married to the love of your life. Then 11 years fly by in the blink of an eye. How did we get so old? Aren’t the only people old enough to have been married this long, well, old? I guess if I have to get older, I may as well grow older with my best friend, right? Greg, thank you for everything you are[...]

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OK, maybe not all the colors of the rainbow. But close. We had so much fun today! I pinned this idea on Pinterest quite awhile ago, but forgot all about it. Then Greg came across it and reminded me of it, so we promptly gathered all supplies for our own little Rainbow Rice Container of Fun! Catchy name, dontcha think? It was so easy to make, and Ben was a superb helper throughout the process. Plus, (and my mom will love[...]