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I’ve lived in OKC my entire life. Thirty five years I’ve been in this city, and I’ve never once been inside the Crystal Bridge, downtown at the Myriad Gardens. Not sure how this has happened, but I knew I needed to change that ASAP. My awesome husband came up with the idea, so last weekend, we headed downtown. And we had so much fun! Ben was SUPER excited about everything. The inside was spectacular. Countless exotic plants, trees, and flowers.[...]

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Alright, I know I’m a week late with this, but I figured better late than never, right? I can’t believe March is over already! It seriously flew by. But even so, I managed to discover a few new favorites. 1. Smartfood White Cheddar Popcorn I walk by this stuff every time I’m at the grocery store and never gave it any thought. But one day this past month, for some reason it caught my eye on my way to check[...]

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So, with me trying to get back into the blogging thing, I was thinking it would be fun to do a monthly favorites post! Just random things I’ve been loving the past month. Recipes, movies, songs, makeup… you get the idea. This isn’t an original idea; I know tons of bloggers do things like this, and I thought it might be a fun thing to do. I love hearing what other people are loving, and most of the time it[...]

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I was feeling rather sassy today and decided to whip up some pizza bites for lunch. Saturday lunch is usually a time I feel really uninspired. A lot of times we’ll just munch around on little things, or else we’ll do a sandwich or something else equally boring. Well, not today my friends! Today we feasted on Pizza Bites. They were easy. REALLY easy. The most time consuming part of this recipe was cubing up the pepperoni, and that took[...]

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Back-to-back recipes on the blog? Are you guys lucky or what? The answer is yes, yes you are. Because this is another Knock It Out Of The Ballpark recipe. Trust me. It is yet another Pinterest find. I promise I have some recipes on deck to share that I actually acquired from something/someone other than that time suck of a website we all know and love. But it’s just so easy┬áto find new recipes on Pinterest. You all know what[...]