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Posted by sharilyn On July - 10 - 2010

So my little guy is 10 months old today! How on earth is that possible? I remember those early days with Ben, when there were lots of late nights, lots of crying (I may or may not have joined him crying some days), lots of feeling inadequate at this mom thing…you get the idea…and I remember everyone telling me how fast it would go by. I can’t even begin to count how often I was told to enjoy those late night feedings because before I knew it, he’d be sleeping through the night and I just might miss seeing his beautiful little face when it seemed everyone else in the world was sound asleep.

I remember laughing at these people. Ha! What did they know?? How on earth could I miss waking up at midnight, 2 am, 4:30 am, and then be up for the day at 6 am?? Those early days were hard in many regards, but there were so many special moments in those late nights that I miss so much. I never thought I would say it, but I have become one of those (slightly annoying) people who now tell other new moms to enjoy those late-night feedings as much as they can.

I guess Ben could tell I was starting to take for granted the 12 hours of sleep he gives us at night, so he decided it was time for me to relive those early days just a bit. Three days shy of turning 10 months old, he got sick for the first time. I am well aware of how fortunate I am to have such a healthy little boy. I never dreamed we’d make it nearly 10 months with no sickness whatsoever, but we did!

The day started out like any other day, but it didn’t take long for me to realize my little guy wasn’t feeling his best. Before I knew it, he was burning up. I took his temperature and it was 101.6, which I know isn’t crazy high, but it might as well have been 105 with how I babied him the rest of the day. He never left my arms. He even napped on me, which he hadn’t done since he was probably 4 months old, and it was without a doubt the highlight of my month. There is absolutely nothing sweeter in this world than having your baby sleeping on your chest and glancing down to see his chubby little cheeks resting on you.

Here he is stripped down to his diaper and trying to act tough, even though he feels terrible:

He ate next to nothing all day long, so I had mentally prepared myself for him waking in the middle of the night to eat. Sure enough, he woke around 11 pm. I went in to the kitchen and made a bottle. As I was taking it back to his room, he was suddenly quiet. I decided to wait, and he ended up falling back asleep. Glorious! Back to bed I went.

Ben ended up waking up 5 times that night, and each time I reheated his bottle only for him to fall back asleep before I could feed him. It was like a cruel joke! If I’m going to be up at night, the only positive to that is getting to see my boy.

Thankfully, he is feeling much better now.

And thankfully, he’s back to his normal 12 hour stretch at night.

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  1. Aww, poor Ben! I do love snuggling with a sick baby though and taking naps together!

  2. Yes!!! I know what you mean about missing those snuggly nights feeding baby!!

    Hugs- sorry he was sick but he is so precious :D

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